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Secure your valuable, documents and data away from your home.  Use Reserve Vault for secure storage.  Brisbane CBD

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Secure storage options vary depending on your circumstance.  Our vault can keep your precious items secure regardless of size or scope.

Here are some examples of our storage solutions.

Secure Envelope Storage

Suitable for documents and photos.  Our smallest secure storage option

Safe Deposit Box

Suitable for documents, photos, small portions of bullion, data (USB or drives), gems and jewellery.  Size ranges from 5-22kg. 

Bullion Locker Safe

Whilst able to be used for any secure storage, these Bullion Locker Safes are purpose built, high security units able to carry significant weight, up to 500kg.

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Your SMSF goods are in safe hands.

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Independent storage, full insurance, independent audit.

Located Remotely?

Our custodial storage provides a complete secure storage solution, including the movement of your precious goods.

It is best to call and discuss your secure storage requirements.  Please call us during office hours and we'll tailor a storage solution specific to your requirements.

alternatively you can contact us via the below methods.

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